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Tile Laying Instructions

Laying Instructions for Eternity Glazed Porcelain Tiles:

   1.  Before starting the laying of Eternity tiles first of all we have to clean the surface properly and should do curing where we place the tiles, we should also check the levels of the floor at many places before starting the laying work of the Eternity Tiles.

    2. Plaster the surface of the floor to be laid with smooth finish and complete the plastering and curing at least two weeks prior to installation. Kindly look for the arrow ( ) on the back of the tile and follow the laying pattern as shown in Visual A or Visual

   3.  Before fixing Eternity Tiles, lay them out in the desired pattern and make sure that they give an acceptable blend of color. Please note that certain amount of shade variation is inherent in the manufacturing of tiles THE COMPANY WILL BEAR NO LIABILITY AFTER THE TILES ARE FIXED.

   4.  Segregate/ place the material according to their batch no. and manufacturing date for avoiding the problem at the time of laying (in case of large site where company can’t supply one batch material).

   5. For fixing Eternity Tiles, we recommend the use of good quality chemical fixing adhesives available in the market with proper trowelling method for 100% coverage behind the tile and for peerless bonding. Please follow the fixing instructions provided along with the adhesives.

    6. For fixing Eternity Tiles on the floor using sand and cement, follow instructions given below:
    a.  Use cement and sand mortar in the ratio of 1:4. Add some water to create a consistent paste.
    b. Once the mixing is completed, do not add any further water and use the same within one hour.
    c. Apply a 20-30 mm layer of bedding material over an area of 1 sq. meter at a time on the surface of the area. Apply a fine slurry to the back of the tile to ensure proper and full bedding.

    7. Press gently for even adherence at the back of the tile. DO NOT USE AN IRON HAMMER OR SOME HEAVY MATERIAL TO PRESS THE TILE. For fixing Eternity Tiles on Dado, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the same. We do not recommend the use of sand and cement for fixing on Dado.
   8. Mark and lay out the tiles from the centre of the area to be laid so that cut tiles, if any, will be on the outer edge towards the wall.
   9. As part of internationally accepted laying practice, use plastics spacers to align the joints in tile.
  10. Complete the tiles laying process by pressing the cut Eternity Tiles firmly into place along the walls/floors.   

   11. Allow a minimum of 48 hours for bed curing. After this period, fill the joints with grouts with recommended joints. Usage of grout sealant is recommended for keeping the grout free of dust.
   12. Fifteen minutes after finishing the grouting process, wipe off excess grout with a damp sponge and polish the tiles with a soft and dry cloth for a clean surface. The tiles can also be cleaned by mild acid (however, Hydrofluoric Acid and its derivatives should not be used).

Please note that the Company does not accept any liability in case of problems arising out of non-adherence to these fixing instructions.

Note: Tiles have resistance to most of the stains/chemicals but it is recommended to take due care while laying. Also, do clean the surface properly and should do day-to-day maintenance after laying Eternity Tiles.

Additional Instruction in case of Plank tiles

    Place the tiles/planks on wall or floor in STAGGERED PATTERN (overlap 20:80 ratio) as shown in VISUAL 1 instead of Brick pattern as shown in VISUAL 2